Differences between office fitout vs interior design

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How A Commercial Office Fitout Differs From Interior Design 

With everyone talking about commercial fitouts and interior designs, you must be so curious on which fitout you need to improve your workplace.  Both interior design and fitouts can help offices become more productive and efficient. These can be achieved provided the design and fitouts suit employee needs and budget.

That’s why you need an expert to have a look at your workplace and advice accordingly. However, the major difference between the commercial fitouts and interior design lies in their respective purpose.  

On commercial fitouts, you look at the structural features of your workstation and determining how it looks and operates. Interior design, on the other hand,  is more on the artistic planning and decoration of a workplace.

In greater detail, these are the major differences between a fitout and an interior design in details.


commercial fitout

Commercial fitouts pay attention to features such as the shapes and sizes of rooms, placement of windows and ventilation, space planning, plumbing, heating, doors, lighting and any other utilities.

interior design


On the other hand interior design is more about the look, style, and feel, of the inside of a workplace. It deals with; choice of colors, decors, flooring, furniture, material texture and designs.

Span, level of activity and disturbance

In case you are wondering how much activity you should expect in your office for any of the two processes? The fact is the period depends on how much change you want to make – a little tweak may last a few days, bigger changes may go a week or more. Though fitouts usually involve more activity and may last longer.

Sometimes for both of the processes, there may be disturbances like noise, air pollution, and restricted movements which might slow down or stop your day to day routine.

Again, this depends on how much you want to do and your approach to the entire process. When planning for any of the two, a good fitout or design expert should consider this and come up with a strategy that will help minimise disorder.

Costs and materials

The cost of a complete commercial fitout might be slightly higher than that of carrying out an interior decoration.

However, these prices may differ depending on the company you choose to work with and the level of fitout or decoration your office needs.

suspended ceiling system

You will also realise that while most fitout companies only specialise on this particular component, others may offer services for the whole project (including design services) from scratch to finish, which involves adding, removing or changing certain aspects in the workroom.

Both of the two involve using high-quality materials, though fitouts use more heavy and complex building material, interior design experts will come with light equipment.



interior designers

Interior designers are companies that monitor your project throughout its entire duration.
Also, they can assist you to understand the requirements of your interior space, develop a design and put it up the accordingly.

A commercial fit-out company, however, carries out the fitout rather than considering the bigger picture of the office once it’s done.

Therefore if you don’t intend to make any substantial changes to your office’s layout or its structure, but would like to freshen up your decoration and give your place of work a new narrative, go for an interior design consultant.

If you wish to make major changes to renovate the way your office runs and feels, it is advisable to consult an accredited commercial fitout expert.

What comes first?

Fitouts should come first, but not in all cases, it depends on how satisfied you are in terms of space utilisation and operations in your organisation. If you feel what you have is perfect but you need to add to the style and looks of your office, you can skip the fitout process and call in an interior designer.

renovation design

In case you need to do a complete renovation, fitout comes first then design later, or immediately after. Alternatively, you may handle the two simultaneously. Why not have both experts work together for a great renovation of your workplace.

Level of skills needed

While fitout is a science, interior design is an art.

For a fitout, you really want to be sure who you trust your office with since you and your staff will have to deal with the outcome thereafter. You should go for certified experts and ask for previous projects to have an idea of their competence since this process involves architectural knowledge.


Interior design doesn’t require any legal requirements, though it can be studied academically, it basically relies on style and one can use it. Anyone can be a good designer as long as they can use the features you have to create something appealing.

Why Next Gen Office Fitouts should be your fitout and design partner

Regardless of what you intend to do to add to improve efficiency and looks of your workplace; it is advisable to consider a one-stop-shop like Next Gen Office Fitouts.

But first, go in depth to look into the services offered, question quality and confirm one very important factor, the cost in comparison to your drafted budget. One advantage with us is we offer reasonably priced deals for our consumers.

You may also want to verify that the company you choose offers the services for the specific type of office you wish to refurbish.

Next Gen Office Fitouts is one quick and cost effective way to go for both Interior designs and commercial fitouts- we refurbish all places of work into modern offices.

When it comes to quality, expect the best, all our staff are experts in their fields, friendly and are willing to mull over your suggestions so that the end result suits your interest. This, together with modern equipment, we believe we can transform any office to a place to be!

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Before You Buy A Caravan, Check Out These Tips

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Buying a caravan is a major investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before you buy a caravan, you will want to keep a few tips in mind. These tips will help you choose the right caravan.

  1. Size Is Important- Caravans come in many styles and sizes, and larger ones tend to be more luxurious than smaller ones. They feature well-equipped kitchens and washing facilities. By having a large caravan, you’ll have plenty of space to host your friends and family.

However, you will need a powerful tow car to pull a larger caravan and maneuvering it can be challenging. The choice is up to you, but just think about how many people will be using it on average. If it’s only one or two people, then go ahead and get a small caravan, but if you want luxury and plan on hosting many people, then a larger caravan is probably the best option.

  1. Research Features- Research different caravans and their features. Consider the things you really want in a caravan and things you don’t mind going without. For example, the most important things to you may be state-of-the-art appliances and a giant bed, while the things not that important to you may be carpeting, size of the bathroom and things of that nature. Make a list of features you definitely want, things you would prefer but wouldn’t mind going without and features you don’t want.

Knowing what you want and don’t want makes finding the right caravan easier. You’ll be able to go to a dealer or go online to find exactly what you’re after. Just make sure your research features of the caravans you’re looking at.

  1. Check The Seller- Don’t buy a caravan from any old seller. Before you purchase a caravan, research the seller because you want to make sure you’re buying from someone reputable and preferably from someone that offers warranty on their caravans. Read a few reviews about the seller and then choose the one you want to do business with.

  1. Inspect The Caravan- Before you buy a caravan, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect it for damp because if a caravan has damp, then you could end up spending a lot of money repairing it. Inspect the doors and windows for damage and check to see if they open and close freely. Check the caravan’s electrics and if they don’t function properly, then consider buying another caravan because repairing electrical damage can be expensive. Inspect the appliances and make sure they are working properly.

While you’re at it, check the exterior. There may be external damage. A good caravan will be in good shape, both on the inside and outside.

The above four tips can help you choose a good caravan. If you want to purchase a caravan, then keep those tips in mind. As a rule of thumb, you should look at as many caravans as possible and check out a few sellers before you decide which caravan you want to buy.

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What You Should Know About The Suzuki Motor Corporation

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What You Should Know About The Suzuki Motor Corporation

A very popular motor vehicle company that has existed for well over 100 years is a company called Suzuki. They have been producing automobiles, engines, outboard motors, and motorcycles for quite a long time. It is a multinational corporation which means it is possible to find one of the dealerships in many different countries worldwide. They specialize in not only your typical motor vehicles, but all-terrain vehicles and the creation of some of the best internal combustion engines. It was once thought to be in the top 10 of all automobile makers, and it employs nearly 50,000 people. It can be found in nearly 200 countries, and is one of those businesses that you can rely upon when purchasing one of the products that they sell.

Why Suzuki Is A Company You Can Trust

The reason that this company is so trustworthy is because it is one of the oldest businesses in Japan for selling motor vehicles. It may not have started in this industry, but it has certainly made a name for itself in the modern world of automobiles. It is due to its longevity, and the quality of its products, that you can always trust this business for the best vehicles. You can find this information online, and quickly located dealership in your area, or even one of their subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries Of Suzuki Motor Corporation

There are so many businesses that are related to Suzuki. Some of those include companies in India including Maruti Zen, and also the Pakistani Suzuki motor company. They also sell vehicles in Canada and the United Kingdom, all subsidiaries of the main company in Japan. They have done OEM deals in the past, typically coming out of their production facilities located in different cities in Japan. If you have been looking for a unique vehicle to drive, you really can’t go wrong when you purchase one from Suzuki, even if it is from a subsidiary of the company itself.


How Did This Company Begin?

This company actually began as a business that manufactured what are called looms, devices that are capable of weaving cotton and silk. It is a company that decided to diversify, and with the advent of World War II, it go right into the production of automotive products. Although it eventually had four stroke engines, it was known for two-stroke engines for both its cars and trucks. Today, it has many different subsidiaries, as mentioned above, producing all types of motor vehicles.

How To Save Money On Suzuki Vehicles

You can purchase any one of the vehicles that they have available, and get them for discount prices, if you are willing to purchase them preowned. There are many people that decide to upgrade to a newer model, and you can take advantage of the savings. Most of them will only have 30,000 miles or less, which means your purchase will allow you to drive that car for several years for a lower price. Suzuki cars are reliable, and there is going to be one that will definitely catch your eye.

Suzuki is a business that will continue to remain one of the top automobile producers in the world. If you are looking for a Suzuki Esteem, a Suzuki Equator because you need a truck, or something more comparable to a Jeep, you can always get the Suzuki Grand Vitara that will definitely make you happy. You can find many different dealerships in major cities, allowing you to take advantage of low prices. It simply the best way for people to take advantage of the quality products made by this Japanese automotive business.

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Importance Of Motorcycle Racing Gear

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racing gear

If you are involved in motorcycle racing, you should make sure that you wear the right racing gear to protect yourself from injuries. Everybody knows the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike, but most of the racers are not aware of the other clothing that is required to protect their body. In fact, there is numerous motorcycle racing gear on the market. You should purchase only the top-quality products to protect yourself while indulging in motorcycle racing. This article provides an overview of the importance of motorcycle racing gear.

A racing helmet will protect your head in the event of a motorcycle accident. These helmets are full-face and cushioned to protect your face and head from the impacts of an accident. Never buy a racing helmet without trying them on. Also, make sure you buy a popular brand which offers high-quality helmets. A high-quality racing helmet might be a bit expensive compared to some of the not so popular brands. But it will help safeguard your head and face in the event of an unfortunate accident. Racing events are usually full of accidents. Hence, you should not take a risk by purchasing a low-quality helmet. Instead, pay a bit extra and buy a quality helmet that will help protect your face and head during an unfortunate motorcycle accident.

Most of the time, your hands tend to bear the brunt when you hit the asphalt during an accident. This is why you need a pair of quality gloves to protect your hands and arms. A pair of heavy leather gloves with armored palm go along way in protecting your hands during an accident. They will also help improve your grip on the motorcycle which will help prevent unfortunate accidents during racing events. A good pair of racing gloves should extend past the wrist for better protection. Motorcycle jackets are an important component to protecting your body during racing events. A heavy jacket will be a deterrent to your racing practice. Hence, you need to choose a light jacket that is made of high-quality and durable materials. The jacket will function as an armor for the racer and protect them from various accidents during the racing events. Racing jackets are made of a special lightweight padding to ensure that the rider is protected during accidents and falls.

The pants that you wear should be of high-quality material. The right racing pants are important to absorb most of the impact during a collision. It will help protect your skin from severe injuries during an accident. Boots are the other important motorcycle racing gear. It helps protect the feet of the racer during an accident or fall. This is why it is important that you purchase a high-quality leather boot for this purpose. These are some of the most important motorcycle racing gear which helps protect you during a fall or accident.

Buying high-quality motorcycle racing gear is important to protect yourself when racing. Look for popular brands that are endorsed by professional racers. The internet is the best place to look for these products. Do a simple search on Google or your preferred search engine for this purpose. You can easily get an extensive list of e-commerce vendors that sell these products through the net. Check the websites of these vendors to see how other clients are rating the products offered by them. This will help you find the best motorcycle racing gear to purchase.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the importance of buying the right motorcycle racing gear for racing events.

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Benefits Of Taking A Motorcycle Class

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traffic sign

When you are learning how to ride a motorcycle, you will find that it can be a tremendous challenge because of the fact that they are basically powered bicycles. However, what you need to realize is these are a lot more powerful and can cause a lot more damage. This is why people should explore the benefits of taking a motorcycle class over just trying to rely on their own skill of trying to teach themselves how to ride this very powerful and potentially deadly machine if people are not trained properly.

Learning The Gauges

Yes, the gauges are about the same as any vehicle, but for some of the motorcycles they are going to be different and one of the first steps in learning how to operate any vehicle safely is knowing the gauges. So the motorcycle classes will have a tendency to cover all of the gauges and where they are located first. This way when you are out riding on your bike, you will know exactly what you are doing and how fast you are going just by glancing down at the gauges instead of having to look down for a long period of time.

Learning How To Balance Yourself

This is a major challenge that people have a tendency to overlook when they are riding on a motorcycle. Yes, the balance is one of the most important aspects for people to consider because it will make a difference between being able to ride safely and constantly falling over. When you are taking these courses they will teach you how to properly balance and then you can easily get on your motorcycle with confidence and know that you can easily balance it when you are moving down the road.

Turning Education

When you are starting to ride on a bicycle you know that you can easily turn the front wheel to get the bike to turn in the direction you want it to go. However, with the motorcycle you will find that if you turn your front wheel like you would on a bicycle you will end up falling down and getting hurt. So it is important for you to realize with the motorcycles you will need to learn how to lean and turn more with the gravity rather than using the wheel to make the turns, which could easily cause them to lose control of the bike.

Learning How To Better Respond In Emergencies

Emergencies can happen at any point in time, but they are usually going to need to be dealt with immediately. What is good with most of the motorcycle classes that you can attend is the fact they will teach you exactly how to respond to these situations. With this information it will make it easier for you to know what you should do and hopefully this is going to help you in avoiding any type of injury that you could have when you are on your bike and this type of situation comes up.

When you are learning to ride a motorcycle, you may think it is going to be easy because it looks like a bicycle with a motor on it. However, you will quickly find that it is quite a bit different and this often means you will have to do some work to learn how to ride a motorcycle. With that being said, you should explore all of the benefits that are present with taking a motorcycle class to learn how to ride these expensive and beautiful machines. Without this, it is very easy for people to end up wrecking their new ride and being left with nothing but some bumps and bruises for their efforts.

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How To Prevent A Crashed Motorcycle

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Do you or someone you live own a motorcycle? Driving a motorcycle can mean a greater possibility of an accident. Contrary to what you may think, most motorcycle accidents are caused by the rider and are single vehicle crashes. Even though most motorcycle crashes are caused by the motorcycle or the driver, these types of accidents comprise a very small part of the total vehicle crashes which occur annually. However, motorcycle crashes also result in almost ten percent of all motor vehicle fatalities. There are several things you can do to prevent a motorcycle crash.

The single most important thing a motorcyclist can do to protect themselves from injury is to wear a helmet. Most states require this, but in those that do not, it is still a good idea. The next thing a motorcyclist can do to prevent accidents is to travel at a safe speed. Many motorcyclists travel too fast on their bikes and this often contributes to motorcycle crashes. Speed can also contribute to other types of motorcycle crashes.

A motorcycle will often hit a spot of gravel, sand, or even leaves along the road. If the driver is going too fast, they can spin out and crash. This often happens along a blind curve where it is difficult for the driver to see ahead. The best option in this situation is to enter the curve slowly and widely. This increases your field of vision and then you can slowly pick up speed as you leave the curve. Speaking of corners, they can also prove to be risky.

If you enter a corner too fast, you may not be able to stay upright and successfully navigate the corner. Never ride faster than you can see and use certain visual cues such as signs and telephone poles to gauge the direction the road is taking. This can prove helpful even if you are headed over a blind hill. Sometimes other drivers can cause a tricky situation.

If another driver changes lanes right in front of you, it can be difficult to prevent an accident. Many car drivers have trouble seeing a motorcyclist and may unknowingly enter your path. The best way to prevent this is to be constantly vigilant so you can react quickly in case another driver does not see you.

Motorcycle crashes can be prevented with safe drivers and some common sense. It is also important to wear the correct safety gear to help prevent injuries.

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The Facts About Motorcycle Helmet Safety Certifications

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Riding a motorcycle hasn’t always been as safe as it is now, originally no helmets were required at all, and the helmets available weren’t even close to being as well built. Back in 1957, a guy by the name of Peter Snell had a very serious accident while racing a car, he suffered serious head injuries and died. Afterward, a foundation in his name started by his colleagues and doctors vowed to create standards by which all helmets could be compared. In 1959, the first standards for automobile racer were published, then shortly after the standards were expanded to motorcycles, skiing, bicycles, skating, and horse riding helmets.

Snell Standards Are The Most Rigid

The standards developed by Snell for motorcycle helmets are rigorous and kept up to date consistently each year. If a motorcycle helmet has a Snell Certification rating that means that it has been thoroughly tested and passed a number of different qualifications.

The helmet has to have the ability to stay on the head in the event of an accident and protect the wearer in a variety of conditions including wet, hot, cold and icy weather. These ratings are completely separate from any government agencies, or helmet manufacturers, in order to keep outside influences to a minimum.

However, they are totally voluntary and the manufacturer of the helmet must submit it to be tested and pay a fee to the testing labs for the certification. After the helmet is certified,  only then can the company place a label on the inside showing that it has passed. A complete list of helmets that have passed is also maintained as well.

The Tests Performed Are Rigorous And Many

Helmets are tested to verify how many g-forces of impact they’ll withstand and still protect the wearer. This is done while making sure that the helmet won’t re-position or roll off the head during the impact which would render the helmet useless.

Chin straps are also tested to make sure they won’t stretch during an accident and allow the helmet to slip off the head. The chin bar itself is also rated on how far it will move on impact from side to side. Even the clear face shields are tested to see how high of velocity a pebble can be deflected without penetrating.

The entire helmet is also rated on how resistant the shell is to penetration by a pointed object when dropped from a certain height. All of these tests are designed to imitate real world possibilities that can happen to a motorcycle rider in an accident.

Random Continued Follow-up Testing Is Also Part Of The Deal

Even after a certification is earned, the Snell Foundation will continue to do follow-up tests by purchasing helmets at retailers and retesting to assure continued compliance with the standards. This is to protect the consumer from being misled by manufacturers that change their helmets after certification in order to save on the cost of materials.

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous when an accident occurs because, unlike a car, the driver isn’t protected by a body of sheet metal. But by wearing a good helmet and driving cautiously many lives can be saved each year.

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