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Elevation Floatation & Yoga – Hens Parties: Buying the floatation experience for your group

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Elevation Floatation & Yoga – Hens Parties: Buying the floatation experience for your group

Elevation Floatation & Yoga – Hens Parties: Buying the floatation experience for your group


If you have been given the wonderful – but extremely stressful – the task of organising the Hen’s party for your bestie, we know that you want the bride-to-be to feel relaxed, be surrounded by her best girlfriends and, most importantly, to have fun!

For some, the idea of throwing and planning out every detail of a hens party can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you have never attended a hens party before.

This is a monumental task and you might not even know where to start, but fear not!

We have collected some of our best tips to best plan a hens party that will leave the bride to be feeling relaxed and ready for the biggest day of her life.


Guest List:

Getting a group of the brides best friends to all be free on the same day is an almost impossible task on the best of days. But before you start getting involved with the politics of who to invite, or who not to invite, it is best that you ask the future Mrs to send through a list of people who she would love to attend the party.

This not only takes some of the pressure off you on trying to remember the name of every distant relative and ensures that the bride to be will be happy with who attends, and who doesn’t.


Ask the Bride what she wants to do:

Even though you may be tempted to throw a lavish and unexpected surprise for your best friend, that last thing that you want is to plan an event that the Bride has no interest in which she ends up hating. Be sure to talk to the Bride get her opinions on how she wants to celebrate.

Does she want to go on a night on the town?

Does she want to have high tea?

Is a cocktail mastering class at the top of her list?

Or does she prefer a relaxing retreat with her closest friend?

There are no limitations for the options of activities for the Hens party, however, the main objective is to ensure that the Bride enjoys herself.

But don’t fret if you had your heart set on throwing a surprise party. Throwing in some surprise elements in the day is a great way to ensure that she doesn’t know every detail and still feels special on this memorable day.



Choosing a theme for the Hens party is a great way to incorporate a little of the bride’s personality into the event. Perhaps the bride to be as an obsession with a certain colour, or maybe she already has a theme that she wants the party to follow.

It is these little touches that can make this hens party stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to pick a theme or colour palette and run with it and remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this aspect of the party, you can get crafty and make some decorations yourself!   

Don’t be afraid to pick a theme or colour palette and run with it and remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this aspect of the party, you can get crafty and make some decorations yourself!   



Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events that the bride will ever organise in her lifetime. No matter what event or activity that your bride wants to do, she will be sure to appreciate a luxurious day of getting pampered and letting all of her tension go with her closest friends.

By adding a Floatation tank experience to the Hens party, it will create the ultimate girls day out!

Often, the stresses that are created by planning a wedding can cause many roadblocks in the planning of the big event and even in relationships.

Isolation tanks offer the experience of therapeutic effects to enhance physical and mental energy.

The state of deep relaxation that the floatation tank experience provides relieves pain, promotes the healthy circulation of blood flow and releases natural endorphins that make you feel good!

Floatation Experience | Elevation Floatation

As the Floatation sessions calm and relax the mind and body, the bride will leave the experiences feeling calm, relaxed and fresh! Start your Hens party. buy sensory deprivation tank for the group, the bride to be can leave the session feeling liberated and free to enjoy the rest of the evening, and the rest of the planning for the big day.


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New Vs Used Caravan: Which is the Best Option to Buy?

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A caravan is a beautiful and valuable investment as long as the right choice is being made. Many people desire a caravan but they are often confused how to pick the one suitable to their needs and lifestyle.

Oftentimes, a person who is going to purchase a caravan for the first time will be presented with two options. These are the brand new and the used caravans. The big question, however, is that which of these two options is the best to purchase.

New or Used Caravans: What’s the Difference?

It’s actually up to you to pick the one that suits your requirements to a tee. In this article, you will discover the differences between new and used caravans. Read on if you don’t want to struggle with finding the best caravan. With this information at hand, you can make your buying experience a breeze.

Advantages of New Caravans

If you are looking to spend money on a brand-new option, here are some of the advantages you can get.

1) Never used before;

2) Highest safety ratings;

3) Best parts are used throughout;

4) Last longer; and

5) Low-Maintenance

These benefits make a new caravan a power-packed choice for you.

Advantages of Used Caravans

The advantages of a used caravan are vast. This includes:

1) Lower price point;

2) Less stress driving it around; and

3) Slower depreciation

All of this comes together to make used caravans a viable option if you are thinking about the investment as a serious option and might go ahead and get a cheaper option.

Disadvantages of New Caravans

What about new caravans? What are the disadvantages? What makes the newer options a tougher option for some? The disadvantages include:

1) Expensive; and

2) Depreciate rapidly

The new caravan won’t have general maintenance issues, but these disadvantages will hurt you if you want a quality option at a lower price. It is important to keep this in mind when making a choice.

Disadvantages of Used Caravans

What about used caravans and their disadvantages? Are there things that stand out when it comes to a used model?

1) Require regular maintenance;

2) Built with older parts; and

3) Can have reduced safety features

These are some of the disadvantages that people will list out when it comes to a used caravan. If you want to feel assured about what you’re getting, it’s all about the complete package. So, these cons do stand out a lot in the long-term.


Let’s start looking at specific points when it comes to this choice.

The new caravan is going to be usable in the sense that you’re getting something straight “off the rack”. It is made for you.

This makes it a low-maintenance option that’s easy on the mind and doesn’t take much time to appreciate. The used option, however, is also usable as long as you’re getting the right one from a trusted seller. There is more of a gray area here. Hence, research is required when you are pursuing a purchase.


This is the major factor you may want to consider if you are going through the buying process with a set budget.

The new caravan is going to come in at a higher price and will depreciate faster. You’re paying for something that’s never been used before. On the other hand, the used caravan will be cheaper (as long as you get a good deal) and will not depreciate quickly. The difference can be significant in some cases.


If you are going to be using it for your family trips, it’s best to look at safety ratings as well.

New caravans are made to fit the latest regulations when it comes to safety. Used caravans, on one hand, are hit or miss in this regard. Some will do well, while others might have aging parts that are not as safe as they used to be in the past.

If you want the perfect caravan for you and your family, choose the luxurious, high-quality caravans from Retreat Caravans. We are the number one choice for people who want quality, good pricing, and fantastic customer service all rolled into one option. For more information about our range of quality caravans, visit us today at

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Choosing The Best Caravan

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Before you buy a caravan you want to know that you are getting the best.  However, there is no way to say which caravan is the very best for everyone.  Your individual needs will determine which caravan is best and you need to know what will impact your choice.

Your Towing Vehicle

The first factor that impacts which caravan you should get is the vehicle you will use to tow it.  You need to know what the maximum weight the caravan can be based on the car you will use.  To determine this you could find the curb weight from the handbook, divide this by 100 and then multiply by 85.  This gives you an approximation of the average weight your vehicle will be able to tow.

The Size Of The Caravan

Most people will assume that bigger is better as you get more space in the caravan.  However, you need to determine the length of the caravan that you are legally allowed to tow with your vehicle and what you are comfortable with.  A larger caravan is harder to tow as it takes up more space on the road and is affected by the wind much more than a smaller caravan.  

How Many People Use The Caravan

Another factor to consider is how many people are going to be staying in the caravan.  If only 2 people are using it then there is no reason to buy a four berth caravan.  If you are going to use the caravan for holidays with the children you may want to consider a 2 berth with an awning or pup tent.  

It is not only the number of people using the caravan that should be considered but the beds as well.  There are some caravans that have fixed beds which cannot be changed into seats during the day.  You also have to consider the size of the bed and how comfortable they will be to sleep on.

The Caravan Facilities

There are some caravans that do not have bathroom facilities because some people are likely to use a pitch site with good facilities.  If you are only going to sites with good facilities then you might not need a washroom in your caravan and space could be used for something else.  However, you should consider how practical it is to not have a bathroom in your caravan before you buy one.

The Cooker Situation

Most of the newer caravans have cookers built into them along with a microwave.  While this might seem practical you should consider that it adds weight to the caravan and may be unnecessary if you do not cook much when traveling.  If you just have a microwave and are able to hook up to an electrical supply then ready meals will often be easier than cooking in your caravan.

The best caravan will depend greatly on what you want and need.  A caravan that is right for your family may not be right for another and you need to consider this.  To determine the best caravan you should consider the vehicle you have and what you will be doing in the caravan.

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Differences between office fitout vs interior design

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How A Commercial Office Fitout Differs From Interior Design 

With everyone talking about commercial fitouts and interior designs, you must be so curious on which fitout you need to improve your workplace.  Both interior design and fitouts can help offices become more productive and efficient. These can be achieved provided the design and fitouts suit employee needs and budget.

That’s why you need an expert to have a look at your workplace and advice accordingly. However, the major difference between the commercial fitouts and interior design lies in their respective purpose.  

On commercial fitouts, you look at the structural features of your workstation and determining how it looks and operates. Interior design, on the other hand,  is more on the artistic planning and decoration of a workplace.

In greater detail, these are the major differences between a fitout and an interior design in details.


commercial fitout

Commercial fitouts pay attention to features such as the shapes and sizes of rooms, placement of windows and ventilation, space planning, plumbing, heating, doors, lighting and any other utilities.

interior design


On the other hand interior design is more about the look, style, and feel, of the inside of a workplace. It deals with; choice of colors, decors, flooring, furniture, material texture and designs.

Span, level of activity and disturbance

In case you are wondering how much activity you should expect in your office for any of the two processes? The fact is the period depends on how much change you want to make – a little tweak may last a few days, bigger changes may go a week or more. Though fitouts usually involve more activity and may last longer.

Sometimes for both of the processes, there may be disturbances like noise, air pollution, and restricted movements which might slow down or stop your day to day routine.

Again, this depends on how much you want to do and your approach to the entire process. When planning for any of the two, a good fitout or design expert should consider this and come up with a strategy that will help minimise disorder.

Costs and materials

The cost of a complete commercial fitout might be slightly higher than that of carrying out an interior decoration.

However, these prices may differ depending on the company you choose to work with and the level of fitout or decoration your office needs.

suspended ceiling system

You will also realise that while most fitout companies only specialise on this particular component, others may offer services for the whole project (including design services) from scratch to finish, which involves adding, removing or changing certain aspects in the workroom.

Both of the two involve using high-quality materials, though fitouts use more heavy and complex building material, interior design experts will come with light equipment.



interior designers

Interior designers are companies that monitor your project throughout its entire duration.
Also, they can assist you to understand the requirements of your interior space, develop a design and put it up the accordingly.

A commercial fit-out company, however, carries out the fitout rather than considering the bigger picture of the office once it’s done.

Therefore if you don’t intend to make any substantial changes to your office’s layout or its structure, but would like to freshen up your decoration and give your place of work a new narrative, go for an interior design consultant.

If you wish to make major changes to renovate the way your office runs and feels, it is advisable to consult an accredited commercial fitout expert.

What comes first?

Fitouts should come first, but not in all cases, it depends on how satisfied you are in terms of space utilisation and operations in your organisation. If you feel what you have is perfect but you need to add to the style and looks of your office, you can skip the fitout process and call in an interior designer.

renovation design

In case you need to do a complete renovation, fitout comes first then design later, or immediately after. Alternatively, you may handle the two simultaneously. Why not have both experts work together for a great renovation of your workplace.

Level of skills needed

While fitout is a science, interior design is an art.

For a fitout, you really want to be sure who you trust your office with since you and your staff will have to deal with the outcome thereafter. You should go for certified experts and ask for previous projects to have an idea of their competence since this process involves architectural knowledge.


Interior design doesn’t require any legal requirements, though it can be studied academically, it basically relies on style and one can use it. Anyone can be a good designer as long as they can use the features you have to create something appealing.

Why Next Gen Office Fitouts should be your fitout and design partner

Regardless of what you intend to do to add to improve efficiency and looks of your workplace; it is advisable to consider a one-stop-shop like Next Gen Office Fitouts.

But first, go in depth to look into the services offered, question quality and confirm one very important factor, the cost in comparison to your drafted budget. One advantage with us is we offer reasonably priced deals for our consumers.

You may also want to verify that the company you choose offers the services for the specific type of office you wish to refurbish.

Next Gen Office Fitouts is one quick and cost effective way to go for both Interior designs and commercial fitouts- we refurbish all places of work into modern offices.

When it comes to quality, expect the best, all our staff are experts in their fields, friendly and are willing to mull over your suggestions so that the end result suits your interest. This, together with modern equipment, we believe we can transform any office to a place to be!

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Before You Buy A Caravan, Check Out These Tips

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Buying a caravan is a major investment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before you buy a caravan, you will want to keep a few tips in mind. These tips will help you choose the right caravan.

  1. Size Is Important- Caravans come in many styles and sizes, and larger ones tend to be more luxurious than smaller ones. They feature well-equipped kitchens and washing facilities. By having a large caravan, you’ll have plenty of space to host your friends and family.

However, you will need a powerful tow car to pull a larger caravan and maneuvering it can be challenging. The choice is up to you, but just think about how many people will be using it on average. If it’s only one or two people, then go ahead and get a small caravan, but if you want luxury and plan on hosting many people, then a larger caravan is probably the best option.

  1. Research Features- Research different caravans and their features. Consider the things you really want in a caravan and things you don’t mind going without. For example, the most important things to you may be state-of-the-art appliances and a giant bed, while the things not that important to you may be carpeting, size of the bathroom and things of that nature. Make a list of features you definitely want, things you would prefer but wouldn’t mind going without and features you don’t want.

Knowing what you want and don’t want makes finding the right caravan easier. You’ll be able to go to a dealer or go online to find exactly what you’re after. Just make sure your research features of the caravans you’re looking at.

  1. Check The Seller- Don’t buy a caravan from any old seller. Before you purchase a caravan, research the seller because you want to make sure you’re buying from someone reputable and preferably from someone that offers warranty on their caravans. Read a few reviews about the seller and then choose the one you want to do business with.

  1. Inspect The Caravan- Before you buy a caravan, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect it for damp because if a caravan has damp, then you could end up spending a lot of money repairing it. Inspect the doors and windows for damage and check to see if they open and close freely. Check the caravan’s electrics and if they don’t function properly, then consider buying another caravan because repairing electrical damage can be expensive. Inspect the appliances and make sure they are working properly.

While you’re at it, check the exterior. There may be external damage. A good caravan will be in good shape, both on the inside and outside.

The above four tips can help you choose a good caravan. If you want to purchase a caravan, then keep those tips in mind. As a rule of thumb, you should look at as many caravans as possible and check out a few sellers before you decide which caravan you want to buy.

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