Manual Handling Courses to Keep Your Employees Safe

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Manual Handling Courses to Keep Your Employees Safe

Handling heavy, bulky or awkward items carries some risk of injury. Training your employees in how to safely handle such items is something that falls squarely into the philosophy that “prevention is better than cure”.

Manual handling training gives workers the experience, knowledge, and mindset that empowers them to use best practices in the workplace. Workplace safety is always important. We hope that you are sitting up straight, in an ergonomically designed chair, and in a well-lit room while you read this guide to six ways that manual handling training can help your employees stay safe.


Manual handling training Sydney | Backsafe


Manual Handling Courses Improve Awareness

Your employees may not understand why manual handling safety is important. Explaining the potential dangers is an important part of improving safety. Use a course to teach the consequences of poor habits and practices, so that they understand why they should be paying attention and doing everything they can to stay safe in the workplace.


Training Teaches the Best Practices

As important as it is for people to understand that lifting heavy things in the wrong way can be risky, that won’t help if they don’t know the right way. Educating all of your employees in the right way to do their job will help to ensure that people stay safe when they are working.

Ensuring that all employees are properly trained has the carry-over benefit of promoting a good culture in the workplace.  The more people know how to do things properly, the more likely it is that if someone is sloppy or lazy, they will be corrected by their peers.


Manual Handling Courses Can Be Done in The Work Environment

Some of the best courses teach people how to handle objects in their own workplace. This offers a more realistic experience and ensures that they will be able to get the skills that they need to do their own job well.

There’s little point educating someone on how to lift heavy boxes if the item that they are going to be carrying is a completely different shape or an unstable load. Some things do carry over from environment to environment, but training that is directly applicable to the person’s workplace environment is far more likely to be retained and used.


Manual Handling Can Use Mechanical Aids

Some environments use mechanical aids to simplify the task of carrying heavy objects. Teaching employees how to use mechanical aids can be hugely beneficial because it can save time and empower employees to make good choices.

By offering training that is directly relevant to the employees, they will feel more engaged and more satisfied. They will also be more likely to use the aids that you provide if they have had the process explained to them. This reduces the prevalence of shortcuts and ‘corner cutting’ in the workflow, and therefore reduces the risk of injury.


Let Your Employees Learn Through Experience

Training courses that tie back into the work environment and that encourage people to apply what they have learned will help the employee to develop skills that are immediately useful and that will promote best practices. Employees will learn good habits and will get feedback on bad habits as they work through the course.

It’s important to remember, however, that manual handling courses should not be a one-off thing. Skills can decay and lessons can be forgotten. Make sure that your employees are given as much feedback as possible and that they are re-trained and re-tested regularly to ensure that they are always doing things right.


A Healthy Workforce is a Happy Workforce

Training your workforce in manual handling skills will ensure that they are able to work efficiently and stay healthy. Bad lifting habits increase the risk of injury and mean that workers need to take sick days off and that their morale will be poor. Invest in your workers so that they are healthy, happy, and more productive, and they can do the job that they were hired to do for a long time to come.

Health and safety training is not glamorous, but the benefits are clear, and training is something that does pay off in the long term.



You can always give your local Manual Handling Training Sydney Experts for more consultation and specific details.




Source: Courtesy of Backsafe, Manual Handling Training – Sydney



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Benefits Of Semi Off-Road Caravans

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Benefits Of Semi Off-Road Caravans

Finding a world-class caravan is easier said than done. It requires understanding what’s required, how to find it, and balancing conventional features with off-road advantages. This is where the semi off-road caravan is a good fit and can help out with one’s needs. In Australia, the focus has gone towards offering a good fit that is ideal for a multitude of settings.


This is a requirement most have when it comes to semi off-road caravans and that’s why they stand out in comparison to regular options. The added benefits of driving on bumpy/rough roads can be a real game-changer.

Semi Off-road Caravans - Australia | Galaxy Caravans

With the help of a good semi off-road caravan, it is possible to enjoy full comfort in a multitude of settings without having to think twice about the harsh conditions.


Preventing Dust Build Up With Caravan

A major challenge for those who are driving around in a semi off-road caravan would be the dust and how it gets into everything. This is a problem for those who want to keep things clean and don’t want the caravan breaking down as soon as they start driving. This is why it is important to prep for Australian conditions.

For those who know they are going to be heading into the dusty parts of Australia, it is time to look at preparing with a purpose. There is nothing wrong with heading to those parts of the country as long as you know how to keep the dust away.

No one wants to see dust coming in as that can be frustrating. You want to focus on taking precautions and prepping for what lies ahead. This is going to include the door vents, roof, and other parts of the caravan that can be prone to getting dirty or dusty. According to local regulations in Australia, you have to make sure dust doesn’t get into these parts of the caravan for safety purposes.


With a semi off-road caravan, there is a filtered pressure system that is going to keep the dust away.

This is essential to keeping things safe and well-maintained.

Along with the filtered pressure system, semi off-road caravans come with vented fridges. These are going to have notable external vents that are going to ensure the fridge doesn’t leak. This is essential when it comes to managing dust and not letting it get into areas that it is not supposed to be in. If you don’t protect the fridges, the coils may not heat up and work as well as you need it to. This can lead to the fridge breaking down or not working at full capacity. This is a waste of energy in most cases. With a semi off-road trailer, everything is going to be run with solar power and not looking at the dust buildup might drain the battery.


This is why it is important to dust proof everything as soon as possible.


Long-lasting Suspension

When it comes to the finest semi off-road caravans, you are going to look at the suspension system. It has to be efficient, durable and built for Australian roads.

This is where twin shock absorbers can make a noticeable difference. They are going to be able to handle the heat buildup and make sure nothing breaks down when it is not supposed to. This is a big problem when it comes to regular caravans since the engine can overheat.

There are some manufacturers that are still eager to use single absorbers. These are going to offer heat indicators and that should be a good way to keep an eye out for overheating. If there is a heat-related issue, the system is going to kick into high gear and make sure the shocks do have time to cool down.

The beauty of twin shocks is why semi off-road caravans are loved since the pressure is split between the two. This is going to ensure the overheating doesn’t occur and it stays safe for the long haul.


Using A Solar Power Setup

When you are off-road, you are going to have times where electricity is not accessible. This is why using solar power is ideal. It keeps things safe and the caravan is not going to break down.

You will be able to use the solar system’s energy to keep things running around the clock.


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Is Secured Loan a Good Option?

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Is Secured Loan a Good Option?

Secured Loan Definition: A secured loan is a type of loan where there is a collateral involved. The collateral will be there to stand for the loan and if you default your loan or miss a payment, the lender can take the collateral. This type of loan will have a lower interest rate because the lender has lower risk because they will have a way to recover their money if you default.


A secured loan can be the perfect option for building your credit if you choose the right lender, example a bank or credit union.

Secured Loans | Loan OneTypes of Secured Loans

Mortgages fall under this category because the collateral of your home is your home. If you default on the loan, your home can go into foreclosure and this will cause you to lose your home.


Car loans attached to the car

Another type of secured loan is secured credit cards. The bank will need the Certificate of Deposit (CD) or savings account to be attached to the credit card. Lenders tend to do this for people rebuilding their credit history. The credit limit will be the same amount as the CD and if you don’t pay back the loan, the lender will take the money from the CD attached to the credit card. If you use the CD or savings account as collateral for a loan, you will not be allowed to take out any money.

A title loan is a type of loan where you use a car that you have already paid for and use it as collateral. These loans are usually small and have a higher interest rate when compared to other types of secured loans.


Benefits of Secured Loans

Secured loans will be given to people who are not able to get unsecured loans. This will provide the perfect way of building a credit score. Lenders prefer secured loans because they expose themselves to less risk. Secured loans provide lower interest rates which is attractive for borrowers. You should be a little careful when it comes to choosing a collateral, many of the banks will need a car or home in order to give you a loan. CD and savings account can work too, but you will not be able to touch the money until you have cleared the loan.

A secured loan provides the perfect way of building your credit if you are looking for a way to improve the score. An improvement in the credit score will involve paying everything on time.


Dangers of Secured Loans

The main danger of secured loan is the fact that you risk losing your collateral if you fail to make the payments on time. Having too many loans may cause you to have a hard time meeting your financial obligations. You should carefully consider the budget and ability to make the payments on the loans before deciding to get them. If you make late payments or default the loan, you will have your credit score affected.


Transferring Unsecured Debt to Secured Loans

You should consider transferring your unsecured loans to secured loans. This can be in the form of taking out a second mortgage so you can pay off the credit card, or take a title loan so they can pay any other bills with high interests. This will mean your car or home will be at risk if you fail to pay the loan. You should try your best to pay back the unsecured debt fast. This can mean selling items you have or even taking a second job so you can afford to pay these loans as soon as possible.

Many of the consolidation loans are usually attached to the home, and it is a good idea to avoid this. It will provide protection in the long run and even if it sometimes looks that you are spending forever trying to pay them back. A smaller bank or credit union can sometimes be willing to provide you with unsecured loans so you can lower the interest rate you are paying on your credit cards.


Managing Your Debt

You should start by considering the financial aspects before you can get a loan. Most people will look at the monthly payments they are going to make, but if you are looking to buy a home or refinance, you will need to start thinking how this will have an effect on your total doubt amounts, and the impact the monthly payments you are going to make affects your saving ability and budget. If you start finding it hard to make the payments every month, consider stopping adding more debt and find a way to get out of it.

Having a budget in place will go a long way in helping you control your money and find expenses you can cut back on.

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Benefits of Residential Window Tinting Melbourne

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Benefits of Residential Window Tinting Melbourne

Many homeowners are able to get the many benefits of window tinting even if they don’t realize it. There are some who will close their blinds during the day so as to prevent heat from the sun, glare, harmful UV rays; while there are those will turn down the AC so as to save on their energy bill. These are some of the concerns that have homeowners to invest in tinting.


Tinting films will provide a wide range of benefits – ranging from saving in energy, to UV protection, to safety, to beauty – and get a professional window tinting installation will be able to help you address your needs.


Apart from making your home aesthetically pleasing, here are some other benefits of window tinting.


  1. Energy Efficiency


This is one of the main reasons why you should consider investing in residential window tinting. You will be saving a lot on your energy bill. Regular glass window will result in the temperature rising inside the home. You can save a lot of on cooling because tinted windows will reflect and can reduce the price by up to 30%, which is beneficial for both you and the environment.


  1. Consistent Climate


When you have tinted windows, it will reduce the heat from the sun and your home becomes more temperature consistent. Normal windows will cause the rooms to have inconsistent temperatures because the sun will easily penetrate the windows, even if you have thermostat setting on. Using a tint will help in creating an even temperature in your home.

  1. Glare Reduction


Tinted windows are able to reflect the heat from the sun as well as the glare. When you have the traditional windows, there will be glare and this will affect your productivity and comfort levels when working on the computer, reading, watching TV, and chores and other household activities. A tinted window will be able to reflect this and give you the chance to continue doing what you were on without the glare from the sun.


  1. Protection from the Sun


What many people don’t know is that you can get a sunburn by sitting close enough to a window that the sun is shining through. UV radiation is the number one cause of non-melanoma skin cancer and also a common cause of melanoma. A tint will reduce UV rays by up to 99% and ensure your family is well protected from the rays of the sun.


  1. Security


A window tinted will provide an additional measure of protection because it will slow down or deter an intruder. There more than 2.1 million burglaries in 2010 in the US, and this is according to the FBI. 60.5% of these cases were forced entry. There is a safety film that is installed in the exterior and interior of the window and anchored by a certified expert will be able to hold the glass longer when the intruder is trying to get in. There is a wide range of options when it comes to film options – prioritizing energy savings, decorative desires, and energy savings – it is a good idea to bring up the safety concerns on the consultation meeting. The option you go with will be the difference between an intruder gaining immediate access or delayed entry.


  1. Safety from Glass Breakage


Whether the window gets broken because of severe weather, attempted burglary, a natural disaster, or by accident, window tinting will ensure that the glass pieces are held together and not shatter then spread on the floor. This will ensure you avoid glass-related injuries.


  1. Easy Maintenance


Window tinting is scratch resistant and water resistant, and this will make the process of cleaning it a little bit easier. You may need different types of cleaning agents for different types of tinting film, so you must ensure you have the necessary instructions from the installation service. The type of tinted window you choose will how often you will need to clean it.


  1. Added Privacy


You will have a feeling of privacy from the outside world, especially if your house is in a busy area or has a lot of windows. Many people love it when they have their privacy, and tinted windows can provide this.


  1. Curb Appeal


When building or renovating, window tinting should be part of it because it will go a long way in improving the curb appeal. Solar and decorative films will give the outside of your home a sleek look and this will be of big benefit to the project.

Window tinting will provide many benefits, and leave your home aesthetically pleasing.

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Comprehensive Guide To Packaging Design

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Comprehensive Guide To Packaging Design

Product packaging is undeniably a big component of the global consumer market. As a matter of fact, the consumer market would not exist if product packaging did not exist. How else would you get your favorite beer other than in the cool and shapely bottle it comes in today? Product packaging takes many forms, and many people tend to forget how important a role it plays in sustaining the global consumer market. The packaging tells everything about a product. It engages consumers in so many ways such as through sight, touch, and sound. Some product packaging can even engage consumers through taste and smell.

Product packaging and more specifically the packaging design help to give more information about a product such as what it is, what it can be used for, who can use and many more. All the information provided by the product packaging ultimately influences the consumer’s decision on whether to buy or not. In this comprehensive guide to packaging design, we take a look at how you can get your packaging design to tell the narrative you wish.


Before diving into packaging design process of your product, you must first answer three crucial questions which are;


– What is the product?

This may seem like an obvious question but it is really important to consider the product you intend to sell. You should consider the nature and size of the product. Nature, in terms of how fragile is the product. Size, in terms of how big or small the product is.


– Who’s buying the product?

The next question you should ask yourself is on who is going to buy your product. Is it going to be adults or kids? If the product is for adults, will it be for men, women or both? This will greatly affect the product packaging design.


– How are consumers buying the product?

Today, there are numerous ways a consumer can get their hands on a product. A person can visit a physical store and get a certain product or they can alternatively log on to the web and get the same product from a website. Will you be selling from a physical store or from an online store?


Product Information

When coming up with any type of product packaging, you will need to gather some information that may be needed during the design process. The information is not restricted to the product alone as most product usually belongs to a brand or business. A product must effectively represent its brand or source business. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating various branding elements into the product packaging.


Some of the information that you need to gather includes:

– Colors

– Fonts

– Logos


Components of The Packaging Design

To make your product unique and able to stand out from the rest, you must come up with specific content that you want to feature on the packaging. Some of the content you want to feature on the packaging design may require authorization from regulators and other legal bodies depending on your specific industry. Here is some of the content you may want to feature on your packaging design:


– Written Copy

This is basically bold text that includes the name of the product and a few catchy phrases or slogans that entice consumers to purchase the product. This text is extremely important as it tells a lot about a product.


– Imagery

Before embarking on the packaging design process, it is important to establish what kind of imagery you want on the package design. Today, product packaging for most consumer goods is filled with attractive images that appeal to the target demographic. Imagery is, therefore, a key component of the design of a product package.


– Necessary Marks and Information

Depending on the industry and product you are dealing with, it may be necessary to include certain marks and information such as association marks, nutrition information, bar codes and much more on the product package. A product package may be deemed obsolete without these crucial marks and information.


– Extra Content

There is always extra content that needs to be put on a product packaging such as batch numbers and product expiry dates.  This extra content can be printed on immediately or left to be included later on.

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How To Use Your Concrete Grinding Tools

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How To Use Your Concrete Grinding Tools

Concrete floors have become extremely popular over the years and have become more common in commercial and residential settings. One of the main attractions of this floor type is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, but it does require daily cleaning and care to retain its shine.

Polished concrete is achieved using a specialized machine that strips the old and soiled concrete to unearth a shiny and new layer.


To achieve polished concrete, concrete grinding is necessary, and this necessitates the correct equipment. Here are the different grinder types that can assist you in grinding your own concrete floors.


Concrete Grinding Tool Types

  1. Hand-Held Grinders

These grinders are smaller and mainly used for grinding work that is minor. These tools are dustless with one head and measure between 5 to 7-inches in diameter. This tool is versatile and quite common and mainly used for domestic purposes. You can also use a hand-held grinder to remove irregularities or paint from your concrete floors or surfaces. This tool is unable to take the place of the walk-behind machines that are mainly used to clean larger concrete sections.


  1. Multiple-Held Grinders

These grinders feature horizontally-rotating discs which perform a variety of tasks. One of the most important aspects of these grinders is there different attachments that can be attached according to your requirements. These attachments are numerous and designed to perform a variety of different applications.


  1. Dustless Grinders

These grinders come with dust covers that serve the purpose of discarding dust that collects inside the cloak. The grinders offer you a way to save time you would have spent cleaning and offer numerous features that allow you to perform tasks efficiently and gracefully.


Concrete Sawing Melbourne | Vic Sawing


Instructions On How To Grind Concrete

The grinding machines designed for this specific purpose come equipped with specialized disks that are embedded with diamond-bits that have the abilities to grind the concrete down and to achieve a desirable shine. This tool type makes use of polishing disks of a fine-grit to provide a smooth and sleek appeal to your floors.

To begin with, coarser grits are attached to the machine to drain-out flaws and minor stains. This tool prepares the floors for further cleaning and smoothing. Once this stage is completed, the process can take up to 3 to 4 passes to ready the floors for a final polish. These processes depend entirely on the concrete type. Certain concrete types achieve their best shine with less cleaning, while tougher concrete can take more counts to achieve a polished shine. The advanced stages of polishing can necessitate polishing disks that have finer grits of between 1800 to 3500 grits.

To begin with, start with 1800 grits polishing disk, and turn on your water hose to apply around a ½ inch of water across a 5-foot area. Switch off the water supply, followed by running your concrete grinder over the area until the water has completely dried up. Now move onto the next section of flooring until the entire area has been covered using the same methodology.

Once you have completed this step, first unplug your concrete appliance and attach a finer grit disk following the very same process as mentioned above to achieve the next level of shine and polish. Let the tool pass over the wet area and ensure the water has dried out which will leave the floor shiny and completely even. Follow the steps until you have successfully polished the entire area of flooring.

Switch off the machine again and now attach the 3500- grit polishing disks and follow the same steps again. It is important that you ensure that the floors are wet every time you use the different concrete-polishing tools. This last disk should provide the highest glossiest shine that you have been looking to achieve. Once the desired shine has been achieved, mop the area clean.


Dry And Wet Methods Of Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding involves 2 different methods that include wet or dry. With the wet method, the use of water is needed in order to cool off the diamond-grits and to clean the dust that is created from the grinding process. For this method of grinding, the water serves the purpose of a type of lubricant that decreases friction and increases the life-span of the polishing tools and equipment, especially the disks that can melt from the extremely high temperatures.


The dry method of concrete grinding involves a tool that comes equipped with a separate-provision that retains the dust created inside a cover. This ensures no mess is left behind. In many cases. A combination of both methods is used to grind concrete to the desired and finest shine on the floors or concrete surfaces. In most cases, it is advisable to use dry grinding to start off with and then move onto wet grinding to finish and clean the areas completely.


Understanding Bonds

The most important understanding when you work with metal-bond tooling is to know what these bonds are. This is an important factor to ensure you get the very most from your tools. It is also important to understand that concrete has a variety of differences, and the main difference is the hardness. The hardness of a concrete is typically measured using either a scratch test or a PSI.

The different bonds have been designed to work with varying levels of concrete hardness. These bonds are what wear down as you are grinding to expose the diamond grits that perform the task of grinding. If you are using the incorrect bond you run the risk of burning through the tool to fast or glazing over. For this reason, ensure you are using the correct bond to match up to the hardness of the concrete.


Special Precautions

It is very important to make sure that your polishing equipment is turned off and unplugged at the wall before you change the grit-polishing disks in order to avoid the risks of a possible electrical shock. It is also important to wear the right gear. This includes long overalls, rubber boots and gloves to prevent the risk of damages or harm that can come to your legs and hands due to the dust and heat. Before you start, also check your grinding tools for any missing components, chips and noticeable cracks.


You can always give your local Concrete Sawing Melbourne Experts for more detailed information and tips!

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Downsizing: Selling the Family Home After Almost Half A century

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Downsizing: Selling the Family Home After Almost Half A century
Gerry and Rosemary Franklin have made a bittersweet decision that empty-nesters right across the country are faced with each year. The Canberra couple will move into retirement accommodation later this year and sell the family home where they have lived for almost half a century. At 83, Mr Franklin is determined that he and his wife, 82, downsize together while they are both fit and well.


An ideal family home

It was 1971 when the Franklins bought land and built the first house on Wenholz Street in Farrer. “The house itself cost $17,000 and the block of land we bought at auction,” Mr Franklin said. “We said we wouldn’t go beyond $1,500 for the land, but we actually went to $1,900. “A very expensive block,” he added, chuckling. Moving from their small “govie house” in Dickson, the Franklins were in need of a bigger home to accommodate their six young children. “Farrer was a lovely neat little suburb and we were pleased to be here,” Mrs Franklin said. “To us, this place was ideal.”


Changing needs

Over 46 years the house has undergone numerous additions and renovations to accommodate the family’s changing needs. “For a time there was our family of eight living here and now it’s just the two of us, so it’s a big house to be in,” Mr Franklin said.  

Rosemary and Gerry Franklin sitting in backyard
Rosemary and Gerry Franklin say their children have accepted the decision to downsize and sell the family home was a good idea. (ABC Radio Canberra: Hannah Walmsley) Sitting in their flourishing backyard, the Franklins joked that they would not miss having to weed the garden. “The garden that we planted, we’ve enjoyed the garden, but as we’ve got older, it is harder to do the gardening,” Mrs Franklin said.

“Although I will miss being able to go outside every morning and pick a bunch of flowers from my garden.”


A house full of memories

“It’s been a real family home with so many big celebrations here for the children and grandchildren,” Mrs Franklin said. “Now our children have been through school, been through university, married local girls and boys and most of them have settled here. “They’ve loved the house as much as we do.” For the Franklins, leaving the family home will be “tinged with sadness”. “Rosemary’s mother also came and lived with us here for the last six years of her life, before she died at 101,” Mr Franklin said. “Those memories are all part of the house. “With Rosemary’s heredity behind her — her father was 97 when he died and her mother at 101 — I figured she might be a widow for a few years and I couldn’t see her rattling around in here on her own.

“If we’re going to move, it’s better that we move together.”

“Our new home will be a lot easier for one left alone to feel secure.”

magnificent garden
  Rosemary Franklin says her garden has been magnificent in bloom each spring. (ABC Radio Canberra: Hannah Walmsley) The Franklins will also leave behind their much-loved neighbourhood community. “We love the street,” Mrs Franklin said.

“We’ve had such a friendly number of neighbours and we’re going to be grieving at leaving the street.”

Encouraged by friends who have already moved into retirement villages and smaller homes, the Franklins are proud their decision is one they have been able to make for themselves.

“All the people that we know who have been through this say it’s like going overseas — it’s like sheer hell to go through, but when you get there, it’s marvellous,” Mr Franklin said.”



If you are really set to sell your property, you can always contact your local Property Advisory on prepping your house for sale.

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