A Beginners Guide to EMC Compliance in Australia

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A Beginners Guide to EMC Compliance in Australia

The first thing to say about Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) and compatibility is that it is a complex subject. Compliance implies that manufacturers, importers, and distributors who wish to sell electrical and electronic equipment in Australia must test, certify, register, and label the equipment as compliant with Australian EMC standards.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) regulates EMC compliance standards in Australia. They have a published list of standards titled the ACMA_Standards_List

The Australia/NZ standards are in large parts similar or identical to the European standards.

Complexity arises for Australian manufacturers who wish to export their products, and for distributors who import product for sale in the Australian market.

There are different standards and requirements for different products, and there are different standards for geographical areas like the United States, Canada Europe, and Japan.


The basics of EMC

All electrical and electronic circuits produce electromagnetism when powered; it is a fundamental law of science.There’s good news and bad news about this.

Without electromagnetism, the technologies we take for granted would not exist. Power stations, including the transformers and power lines that give us electric light, household appliances, battery and mains operated gadgets of all kinds all produce electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and compliance has to do with electromagnetic energy and how it may cause electromagnetic interference (EMI) or physical damage in the environment in which it operates.

A common interpretation states that “an electronic or electrical produce shall work as intended in its environment”, a fairly meaningless statement that makes no reference to standards compliance.

Radio and electronic transmissions are troublesome because of the inherent risk of interference with other electronic circuits.


What is EMC Compliance

Australian EMC regulations dictate that electrical and electronic equipment must be tested, certified, registered, and labelled as compliant to applicable standards. These standards vary between different categories of equipment.

A supplier should complete the following regulatory requirements before marketing or selling a product on the Australian market.

  1. Determine if the product is subject to EMC Compliance.
  2. Identify the applicable EMC standards listed on the ACMA database.
  3. Demonstrate compliance through testing conducted by an accredited testing laboratory. EMC Technologies is such a lab.
  4. Complete a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) that confirms the product complies with the applicable standard/s.
  5. Register the product on the national database.
  6. Apply a compliance label to the product.

The difficulty for suppliers is to correctly identify the applicable standards and there are many of them. The safest approach is to consult a NATA accredited test laboratory like EMC Technologies.

EMC Technologies is the largest and most experienced EMI/EMC/EMR and Safety testing facility with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and New Zealand. EMC Technologies is NATA accredited (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia).


EMC Compliance testing

The ACMA database lists applicable standards for Australia and NZ. There are different standards for different products and too complex and comprehensive to list in this post.

In essence, testing is conducted in three main classes:

  1. Emission. The generation of electromagnetic energy and its release into the environment.
  2. Susceptibility. The tendency of electrical equipment to malfunction resulting in unintended operation.
  3. Coupling. The way in which emitted interference reaches a victim.

The Radiated Emissions Test is the most common EMC test in all countries. It measures the strength of the electromagnetic field unintentionally emitted by a product. Switching voltages and currents in digital circuits generate such emissions.

They can cause unintentional interference to mission-critical military or civil systems like navigation systems or landing guidance systems for aircraft.

Let’s consider two scenarios associated with EMC and a couple of examples that illustrate the concerns of risk and the victim: The examples illustrate the risk associated with electromagnetic emission, and the victim impacted by such emission,

  1. An announcement made to aircraft passengers to switch off their mobile phones, laptops, and tablets reflect the risk of electromagnetic emission from such devices interfering with sensitive electronic guidance systems located on the aircraft which ensures a safe landing.
  2. The ongoing research and debate about the risk of holding, carrying, or placing a mobile phone close to the head for prolonged periods.

In the first example, the victim is the onboard guidance system; in the second example, the user of the mobile device is the victim, a human being. Unless, of course, lack of EMC causes malfunctions in the guidance system and the aircraft crashes, in which case all the passengers become victims of collateral damage.

The regulations should convince Australian consumers to buy and use only certified products. The labelling requirements make it easy to identify such products. Australian standards mandate that compliant products must be labelled with the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) shown below.


RCM Mark | EMC Tech AU


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Flotation Therapy Explained

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Flotation Therapy Explained

There are many ways people can choose to practice deep relaxation. In fact, with all the latest developments in science, the options just keep getting better and more effective. Floatation therapy is one of those effective ways, and if it has caught your interest, here are some of the basic things you probably want to know.

What Is Floatation Therapy Based On?

A good place to start would be to look at the premise of floatation therapy, which made its appearance in the 1950’s. More specifically, you should start by asking why should you trust that it works?

The theory behind this therapy is based on the constant stimulation people experience. For example, your senses are always “aware”. The light in your eyes, the feel of the couch, the temperature in the room, there is always something in the physical world stimulating your senses.

Even when you are sleeping, your body is aware of the sheets and the springs that conform to it, and it typically happens on a subconscious level.

Now, the reason why people struggle to reach deep levels of relaxation while maintaining conscious control (meditation), is because your senses are being distracted. Of course, it is definitely possible to discipline your mind and get rid of these distractions, but it’s a process that takes time. You can’t just change a subconscious habit you’ve had since the day you were born.

Even gravity has an influence on your senses, making it nearly impossible for a person to really get away from all the distractions.

This is where floatation therapy works well because it helps you reach a deep and relaxed state, without Zen-like discipline. Basically, it cuts off the constant stimulation that prevents you from keeping your mind focused.

However, it’s not just for individuals who want to find their inner strength. This type of therapy can also be used for speeding up recovery, or simply to rest and recharge. In fact, you’ll find a big list of good things just by booking regular sessions.

How Does It Work?

Given that your senses need to be cut off from the outside world, you are placed in a very spacious chamber. This chamber is referred to as an isolation chamber (tank), for obvious reasons. You will also find an Epsom salt solution inside the chamber, on which you will float peacefully for an hour or so.

If you are worried about not being able to float, the solution is very dense, meaning it will make ANYBODY drift. It will look like water, but it feels like a silky mattress.

At the same time, the temperature is controlled inside the chamber, along with the water on which you are floating. In fact, the solution will be heated to skin temperature. Ultimately, it should feel like you are floating in outer space, but you won’t be seeing any stars or planets.

What About Feel Claustrophobic?

One of the first things people ask is whether you might feel claustrophobic. But even for people with a slight case of this phobia, it shouldn’t be a problem. The chamber is big, the solution doesn’t take up much space, and you will probably have access to a window the second you feel panicked.

Is It Worth It?

The science behind the idea is very convincing, especially if you are a spiritual person. And if you’ve been searching for ways to reach deep relaxation without all the daily distractions, floatation therapy is definitely something you should consider. It really does have a lot of advantages in terms of increasing quality of life.

However, individuals who do suffer from claustrophobia should probably look at their other options first.

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Types of Laser Cutters

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Types of Laser Cutters

Laser cutting is an essential part of most industrial processes.

Laser cutting is the process of a powerful laser beam that is used to cut or engrave items from flat sheets of material. These materials can include plastic, wood or a wide range of other materials.

In recent years, laser cutting has become of the most popular choices to create intricate designs and shapes. One of the biggest advantages of the precision that laser cutters offer is that they don’t only have the capability to cut basic shapes into materials, but they can form intricate patterns, shapes, and designs meaning that the options are virtually endless. Another benefit of this technology is that the output does not require finishing work as the edges are left with a high-quality surface finish.

The precision levels and the quality of the edges that are achieved with laser cutting machines are much better and more efficient than the traditional cutting methods as the laser beam will not wear during the cutting process. This technology allows for complex shapes to be cut without the requirements of different tools and can be achieved at a much faster speed than other cutting methods.

But not all laser cutters are the same. Here is the rundown of the different types of laser cutters that are available on the market, each is suited to a different industrial application. Although each laser provides great benefits, they also have some limitations.

Types of laser cutters

There are three main types of laser cutters: CO2 lasers, fiber lasers, and neodymium crystal lasers.

low-powered CO2 laser

CO2 lasers

CO2 lasers, also known as gas lasers, are one of the most commonly used types of laser cutters. They are based on a carbon dioxide gas mixture that is stimulated electronically create a wavelength of about 10.6 micrometers. They only require little power and are considerably inexpensive to operate. This type of laser is extremely popular and is the most widely used as if can be used on a wide range of applications and have an extremely efficient and excellent beam quality.

CO2 lasers are best suited for cutting or etching non-metallic materials such as wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, plastics, foils & films, leather, and stone.

The laser beam is a line of extremely high-intensity light of a single wavelength or color. In terms of a CO2 laser, that specific wavelength a part of the Infrared light spectrum meaning that it is invisible to the human eye. The beam then travels from the laser resonator and is bounced in different directions by mirrors, also known as beam benders, that are in the machine, before it is focused onto the plate. The beam that this laser cutter produces goes through the bore of the nozzle before it hits the plate. Also flowing through the nozzle is compressed gas in the form of Oxygen and Nitrogen. The target of the laser is extremely hot as the compressed gas aids in generating heat which simply enables the machine to cut through the required material.

Due to the laser only requiring very little power, they can also be used for engraving applications. CO2 lasers also have various medical uses such as treating skin disorder conditions, cancers, along with assisting with particular types of cosmetic surgery.

fiber laser cutting metal

Fiber lasers

Fiber lasers generate their lasers by means of the seed laser.

Fiber lasers are a much more powerful type of laser and can produce a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers. This type of laser is amplified in glass fibers that have been specifically designed to receive their energy supplies via pump diodes. The result is a beam that is 100 times more powerful than a CO2 laser, whilst emitting the same power.

Fiber laser machines are best suited for cutting coated metals, engraving metal, and high-contrast plastic markings. Fiber lasers generally require no maintenance and have a long service life that can produce at least 25,000 laser hours.

neodymium crystal laser

Neodymium crystal lasers

Neodymium crystal lasers include the neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet, or Nd: YAG; and the neodymium-doped yttrium orthovanadate (Nd:YVO). Both are named after neodymium, the doping element, and the corresponding carrier crystal.

Neodymium lasers are similar to that of fiber lasers as they belong to the solid state laser group. Similar to that of fiber lasers, crystal lasers have a wavelength of 1.064 micrometers and are best suited for marking various materials such as metals, ceramics, and plastics.

The main difference between the two different types of lasers is that the neodymium crystal lasers feature pump diodes compared to the seed laser component in fiber lasers. The neodymium crystal laser will be more costly as the pump diodes must be replaced every 8,000 – 15,000 laser hours.


Due to the extreme precision that laser cutters provide, it allows for designers to create intricate designs without the worry of whether the design can be executed effectively. They also have the additional benefit of a refined output meaning that the final projects do not need to be polished or re-worked.

It is not hard to see why this laser cutting technology has become extremely popular in recent years. It allows designers to unleash their creativity whilst also allowing manufacturers to easily meet their client’s specific design needs.

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A Checklist of Camping Essentials | Retreat Caravans

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A Checklist of Camping Essentials | Retreat Caravans

Camping with your family can be fun and a memory for a lifetime, but if you don’t want to change this amazing experience into a disaster, you have to be ready with all the essentials before you leave for camping.

Going out into the wood and spending a night under the stars isn’t a very expensive affair. You just need to take care of few basic things, and you are ready to go.

To make sure you enjoy camping to the most and stay safe with your family and friends here is a checklist of few things that you need to pack before you leave.

Camping | Retreat Caravan
What would you do without a tent!

If it’s camping, you need to have a camp to stay in, with your family. So, don’t forget to pack your tent. Most importantly, don’t forget to check the size of the tent when you buy it. Sometimes it’s not as big as mentioned on the pack. So, make sure the tent you are taking along with you, is spacious enough for your family.

Note: If you are planning to rest under the sky, think twice. Unknown places can bring surprises to you. You may need a hideout.

Comfort is on the checklist

Camping is in itself a rocky experience, so you need to have a comfortable, good night sleep to have fun the next morning. All the running, climbing, swimming activities keeps your body active for the whole day, and when you feel tired, you need a comfortable sleep to regain your energy for the upcoming fun next morning.

With these things mentioned below, you can have a sound sleep:

  • ·         Air mattress
  • ·         Blow-up sleep mat
  • ·         Sleeping pillows
  • ·         Sleeping bags

Quantity depends on the number of campers.


Camping should be fun

You are out on vacation, so “fun” should be your priority. When you are out in the woods to play games like hidden treasure, hide n seek and 4-way Tug-of-war. These games can include elders as well as kids.

For the evenings and nights when you are inside the tent and not feeling sleepy you can take uno, playing cards, pen n paper and skipbo along with you.


Be in a great company

When planning to camp, most important is to have good friends and family with you. Boring people can spoil your vacation, so make sure you are with people who love to live every moment.

Have fun!


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How to Find the Right Painters in Melbourne to Handle Your Home?

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How to Find the Right Painters in Melbourne to Handle Your Home?

Finding the Right Painters in Melbourne to Handle Your Home

You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you want to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home. You can significantly improve your home with something as simple as a fresh coat of paint. However, if you want the paint job done right, consider the idea of hiring painters Melbourne.

Finding the right painters to fulfil your painting requirements can be a bit of a challenge. There are a lot of bases you’ll have to cover in order to make sure you get your money’s worth. However, as long as you’re willing to do your research, finding great painters shouldn’t be a problem.


Residential Painters | 1800 All Painting


The first thing you should do is talk to people in your area who have used painters recently. Ask them about the experiences they have had, whether they are positive or negative. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to make a smart decision.



If you’re unable to get any recommendations, you’ll have to take it upon yourself to research painters. Thankfully, this has become very easy in recent years. You’ll be able to find reviews for all kinds of local services online, including professional painters.

Look for recommendations and reviews until you have a short list of painters that you can call. You’ll want to have several different options. That way, you’ll be able to compare various offerings and get yourself a fantastic deal. There’s no reason not to shop around.



When you call the painter, start by finding out more about their experience, how many years they have been in the industry, and what kind of homes they typically paint. The more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to assess if they’re qualified for the job.

You should also make sure they have all the required insurance and licensing. If the business doesn’t have everything in order, you can’t trust them to take care of your home. If you feel at all uneasy, you should ask to see a copy of their licensing yourself.

You should also ask any Melbourne painter about their past clients. Get a few addresses of homes they’ve worked on in the past. See how the paint job has helped up. Is it still in good shape? If not, you’ll want to work with someone else.

It’s a good idea to find out if they offer any guarantee on their work. If they do, you’ll be able to get your home repainted if there are any problems in the future. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your paint job will last.

When you ask for a price quote, make sure you’re calling around and talking to several painters in the area. It’s easier to get a good deal if they know they have to offer you a competitive price. You want every painter to be fighting for your business.

You should make sure that the given quote is accurate and isn’t missing any hidden fees. If possible, you should try to get it in writing so that the painters won’t be able to charge you substantially later on. Of course, you don’t want any unpleasant surprises.

You may also want to see if the painters offer any kind of payment plan. That way, you can pay for your painting in small instalments rather than all at once. You’ll be able to hire exactly the painters you want to hire without having to go over your budget.

Having your home painted can be extremely affordable, especially if you take the time to shop around and get a good price. However, it’s important to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a little bit more in order to get painters who will do quality work.

Take the time to find the best Residential Painters. You don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. As long as you do your research, you should be able to find painters who offer affordable prices, do excellent work, and ensure that you’ll love the way your newly painted home looks.


Source: Courtesy of 1800 All Painting Melbourne, Australia


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Elevation Floatation & Yoga – Hens Parties: Buying the floatation experience for your group

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Elevation Floatation & Yoga – Hens Parties: Buying the floatation experience for your group

Elevation Floatation & Yoga – Hens Parties: Buying the floatation experience for your group


If you have been given the wonderful – but extremely stressful – the task of organising the Hen’s party for your bestie, we know that you want the bride-to-be to feel relaxed, be surrounded by her best girlfriends and, most importantly, to have fun!

For some, the idea of throwing and planning out every detail of a hens party can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you have never attended a hens party before.

This is a monumental task and you might not even know where to start, but fear not!

We have collected some of our best tips to best plan a hens party that will leave the bride to be feeling relaxed and ready for the biggest day of her life.


Guest List:

Getting a group of the brides best friends to all be free on the same day is an almost impossible task on the best of days. But before you start getting involved with the politics of who to invite, or who not to invite, it is best that you ask the future Mrs to send through a list of people who she would love to attend the party.

This not only takes some of the pressure off you on trying to remember the name of every distant relative and ensures that the bride to be will be happy with who attends, and who doesn’t.


Ask the Bride what she wants to do:

Even though you may be tempted to throw a lavish and unexpected surprise for your best friend, that last thing that you want is to plan an event that the Bride has no interest in which she ends up hating. Be sure to talk to the Bride get her opinions on how she wants to celebrate.

Does she want to go on a night on the town?

Does she want to have high tea?

Is a cocktail mastering class at the top of her list?

Or does she prefer a relaxing retreat with her closest friend?

There are no limitations for the options of activities for the Hens party, however, the main objective is to ensure that the Bride enjoys herself.

But don’t fret if you had your heart set on throwing a surprise party. Throwing in some surprise elements in the day is a great way to ensure that she doesn’t know every detail and still feels special on this memorable day.



Choosing a theme for the Hens party is a great way to incorporate a little of the bride’s personality into the event. Perhaps the bride to be as an obsession with a certain colour, or maybe she already has a theme that she wants the party to follow.

It is these little touches that can make this hens party stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to pick a theme or colour palette and run with it and remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this aspect of the party, you can get crafty and make some decorations yourself!   

Don’t be afraid to pick a theme or colour palette and run with it and remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune on this aspect of the party, you can get crafty and make some decorations yourself!   



Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful events that the bride will ever organise in her lifetime. No matter what event or activity that your bride wants to do, she will be sure to appreciate a luxurious day of getting pampered and letting all of her tension go with her closest friends.

By adding a Floatation tank experience to the Hens party, it will create the ultimate girls day out!

Often, the stresses that are created by planning a wedding can cause many roadblocks in the planning of the big event and even in relationships.

Isolation tanks offer the experience of therapeutic effects to enhance physical and mental energy.

The state of deep relaxation that the floatation tank experience provides relieves pain, promotes the healthy circulation of blood flow and releases natural endorphins that make you feel good!

Floatation Experience | Elevation Floatation

As the Floatation sessions calm and relax the mind and body, the bride will leave the experiences feeling calm, relaxed and fresh! Start your Hens party. buy sensory deprivation tank for the group, the bride to be can leave the session feeling liberated and free to enjoy the rest of the evening, and the rest of the planning for the big day.


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New Vs Used Caravan: Which is the Best Option to Buy?

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A caravan is a beautiful and valuable investment as long as the right choice is being made. Many people desire a caravan but they are often confused how to pick the one suitable to their needs and lifestyle.

Oftentimes, a person who is going to purchase a caravan for the first time will be presented with two options. These are the brand new and the used caravans. The big question, however, is that which of these two options is the best to purchase.

New or Used Caravans: What’s the Difference?

It’s actually up to you to pick the one that suits your requirements to a tee. In this article, you will discover the differences between new and used caravans. Read on if you don’t want to struggle with finding the best caravan. With this information at hand, you can make your buying experience a breeze.

Advantages of New Caravans

If you are looking to spend money on a brand-new option, here are some of the advantages you can get.

1) Never used before;

2) Highest safety ratings;

3) Best parts are used throughout;

4) Last longer; and

5) Low-Maintenance

These benefits make a new caravan a power-packed choice for you.

Advantages of Used Caravans

The advantages of a used caravan are vast. This includes:

1) Lower price point;

2) Less stress driving it around; and

3) Slower depreciation

All of this comes together to make used caravans a viable option if you are thinking about the investment as a serious option and might go ahead and get a cheaper option.

Disadvantages of New Caravans

What about new caravans? What are the disadvantages? What makes the newer options a tougher option for some? The disadvantages include:

1) Expensive; and

2) Depreciate rapidly

The new caravan won’t have general maintenance issues, but these disadvantages will hurt you if you want a quality option at a lower price. It is important to keep this in mind when making a choice.

Disadvantages of Used Caravans

What about used caravans and their disadvantages? Are there things that stand out when it comes to a used model?

1) Require regular maintenance;

2) Built with older parts; and

3) Can have reduced safety features

These are some of the disadvantages that people will list out when it comes to a used caravan. If you want to feel assured about what you’re getting, it’s all about the complete package. So, these cons do stand out a lot in the long-term.


Let’s start looking at specific points when it comes to this choice.

The new caravan is going to be usable in the sense that you’re getting something straight “off the rack”. It is made for you.

This makes it a low-maintenance option that’s easy on the mind and doesn’t take much time to appreciate. The used option, however, is also usable as long as you’re getting the right one from a trusted seller. There is more of a gray area here. Hence, research is required when you are pursuing a purchase.


This is the major factor you may want to consider if you are going through the buying process with a set budget.

The new caravan is going to come in at a higher price and will depreciate faster. You’re paying for something that’s never been used before. On the other hand, the used caravan will be cheaper (as long as you get a good deal) and will not depreciate quickly. The difference can be significant in some cases.


If you are going to be using it for your family trips, it’s best to look at safety ratings as well.

New caravans are made to fit the latest regulations when it comes to safety. Used caravans, on one hand, are hit or miss in this regard. Some will do well, while others might have aging parts that are not as safe as they used to be in the past.

If you want the perfect caravan for you and your family, choose the luxurious, high-quality caravans from Retreat Caravans. We are the number one choice for people who want quality, good pricing, and fantastic customer service all rolled into one option. For more information about our range of quality caravans, visit us today at www.retreatcaravans.com.au.

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